Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sometimes life throws a fast ball and it comes in at 100 mph. It knocks the air out of your lungs. My devotional today was:
"Sometime God needs to redecorate your heart/life. At time its just the decorations and other times, its a complete remodel. But in the end the outcome will be greater for it."
I think we are going through a complete remodel. Nobody is dying, but life has thrown a big fast ball. With lots of prayers and support we, will as a family,will get through this and have redecorated hearts.

Please pray for our family and the issues that one of us is dealing with. We are walking through this together, holding hands and looking forward. This too will pass.

Tootle loo


Little Town Big Life said...

You are in my prayers sweetie. I'm just going to stand back until you need me, or have a firmer stand & want to talk.

I'll let you call me--I'm here!

Matt and Natalie said...

We are both all for you all if you need anything and everything!