Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For the past few months, my massage therapist and chiro. have been telling me to go see "Rose". She is a nutritionalist in Bixby. So this afternoon I did.
First , she stuck my finger and looked at my blood and told me lots of things I knew and she didn't. Then after 1 hr of talking and explaining... my pH is way low. Normal is 7.35, mine is 5.0. I guess when you die its 4.8. yikes! So she says I probably don't have fibromyalgia. Hmmm. I know that fibro is diagnosed when the medical community can t figure out what you have, but have ruled out most everything else.
So, I am low in/on minerals. I bought a bunch of stuff that is suppose to make me feel better in 10 days. I also learned I drink way too much water! Go figure that one. I am to begin the day with 8 oz of water and 15 drops of something. NO COFFEE! yikes. Then have a protein drink- I need more protein. I dont digest my foods either. I have lots of stuff to take to get rid of the over abundance of heavy metals in my blood. We think this is in part from some of the jewelry I am playing with!!!! Also, I need to improve a bunch of other stuff. But to make a long story short, I will try whatever and see if it gets better.
I will certainly let you know how this episode works out.
Tootle loo


Little Town Big Life said...

Only a bit of advice from a BFF--be very cautious when chiros & nutritionists overrule medical drs.

That was how my mom in law was wrongly treated & ended up with hip replacement.

And it is how my dad in law treats his illnesses---he was told celation was the answer to his problems--turns out he had a blocked artery.

pH is very, very hard to become low on! Just use caution. Don't want you to be scammed.

Momma Dill said...

Hi There,

Love reading your blog. I do not believe I have met anyone who drinks too much water on a daily basis! I live on Dt. Dr. Peppers. I feel like I should be perfect after going through open heart surgery, but there still seems to be annoying little things all the time....working on a separated shoulder right now. But, life is good and I'm glad to still be here in whatever form!! Enjoy your blog....and your family.