Monday, February 23, 2009

Tonight was Logan's Roadhouse night. Yummo. I had 3, yes 3 of those yummy rolls before the salad came. Needless to say I was full, but of course I ate the steak, salad and potato! Oh my I could eat those rolls all day long!

I am actually feeling a bit better with he minerals... I got the protein powder Saturday and have had it for breakfast since then with Soy/Rice Chocolate milk. Its ok, nothing like those yummy rolls though.
Hubs says I am probably taking a placebo, but whatever! This isn't the first time they have laughed hysterically at me!

Son #1 is such a joy to have here with us. I have missed him so much. He taught my classroom this afternoon about Egypt and hieroglyphics. the kids love him,. In fact they want him to teach all the time :) He come a couple of times per week. He and hubs are busy puttin up the fence in the backyard.

Thats all the excitement around here. I am off to bed before 10:00 tonight!

Tootle loo

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