Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love Brighton... who doesn't. At my favorite little store in town- Surcee, its in Owasso, anywho you will find all sorts of stuff. But back to the point. For Valentine's Day this year I gave hubs a little booklet with the Brighton bracelet and charms with cuuuuute spacers. I told him to get me the bracelet and then for events, he could get me some charms to put on it.
So, he bought me the bracelet and two charms with a spacer. One is an angel, cause I am and the other is a heart for Valentine! How smart is that guy! huh! He can sure follow directions, yep he can.
AND, my mom can add to this bracelet too. She can get me a little charm right over at the Hospital next door to her house. She can even walk right over there and pop that thing in the mail.Cause I loooooooove presents. And they are not really expensive. Most are under $20-.

We had the kitchen discussion last night. Actually we were discussing what we would do with $25K. I said kitchen.... kitchen makeover. Every time we get ready, something cuts right in the way. So I told hubs I though I could do the kitchen cabinets at IKEA for less than $2,000. I downloaded all the little thingys and planned my new kitchen ( ready to go get it too), and then I added it up. Cause they do that for you. Oh heavenly daze! $6500.00 Yep. But that was with a new range, microwave, dishwasher, sink and refrigerator. That was everything right down the drawer pulls and the screws are included!

That did not include the new floor- wood and cutting out a wall, no prob! Oh my maybe I need another job. Hmmmm what could I be???

I am pondering retirement! Yes I am. But there is a catch. I would not make as much as if I were working! Darn it. So I can retire and work at a private school. Hmmmm, until the house is paid for! Darn house! I talked to the principal at Rejoice Christian School, when I went to turn in the 7 pg app. He will let me know by May 1. Now hold on to you panties, that DOES NOT MEAN I am retiring. I can't unless I have another job somewhere else. I do wish I didn't have that silly habit of spending money.
You know when you are off work, you do tend to spend a little more. Oh my what ever will I do??????

Off to bed to ponder on the ideas running around in my head!

Tootle loo

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