Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day 2

Good morning.
Its 11:50 pm in the States and I am getting up here at 7:50 am. Today we are going to work back at the Church in Perechyn. More digging for the footings on the new Church. Its 1 meter deep by about 60 cm. I think its about a yard dep by about 30 inches.

Anyway, Yesterday we worked on digging the footings and some of us went with the minister to visit some of the elderly shut in at the Church. I went on that walking trip. They walk most everywhere. The lady live in an apt building, similar to those in Dr. Zhivago. Big building, with high ceilings. Lots of doors and two big staircases. Each apt is very ,very small. The living area has a 2 burner stove, table, couch and small cupboard. The second room is big enough for a bed. The lady lives on $80. per month. There is not running water or a bathroom in her apt. She must go outside and down the path. Speaking of bathroom, The toilet at the Church is new… but its outside and there is nothing for the females to sit on. You learn really fast to squat! I tried to send pics, but it takes forever to upload.

We worked until lunch then, some of the ladies brought yummy lunch. The bread is very yummy and the lunch was, soup, cabbage rolls, cake and juice. The cabbage rolls were similar to the ones we ate at school.

Bible School was great. We had 23 kids the first day ! Yikes I planned for about 12. So regroup fast!!!! Yesterday we learned about Moses and today is Noah. They know who God is but that is about all their Bible knowledge. We had M&M and raisins for snacks. They loved that.

Tonight we are serving dinner at the soup kitchen downtown in Uzaghrod. There are a lot of street children. They leave the orphanage at 16. They don’t have a skill, so they live off the street. A lot of them are children of the “Roma- Gypsies”. They are of India decent and treat much like outcasts. Hence the song – Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves…

The food is good, lots of starch and carbs. But filling and nothing like Mexico.
Rick has a sore throat so has not gone with us for 2 days. He stays at the Hotel.
Ii am going to go downstairs and eat breakfast and post this to the web, so I will see ya later.

Your can also read the Church of the Servant blog. Ill attach it in a few.

Tootle Loo,

Breakfast was yogurt, spam kind of meat- yukko, pastries and egg/flour mixture made into a pancake…. Get those cards going…..

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Little Town Big Life said...

So, what does the sign behind you say????
I am so proud of you as you venture out into this "unknown". I hope all is well.
And, I hope you are taking lots of pictures---
It's been a killer week here---too busy, so I'm a bit tired.
Looking forward to reading the next post. Food sounds, well, sufficient!!!

Hugs to you!!!