Saturday, October 20, 2007

DEVASTATION... yes its a sad sad day in the castle

I am completely upset!!!!!!! I need to vent and sob, yes sob! I had gone into the craft room, cleaned up and prepared to make my new winter purse. I bought new leopard furry fab at Hobby Lobby and I was going to use some Sis Boom fab I have left over. I even have a georgous brooch to put on the bag. Oh, jeaously would reign when women would see this bag. MY MACHINE CRAPPED OUT!!!!!!!!!! I had one machine from the age of 16 to about 45. Used it all the time and then I bought a new one. Its a Brother. The little thingy that holds the needle holder thingy to the thing that goes up and down has fallen off. Now I have tried and tried to fix it. I even talked to God and my Dad, they live together up in heaven. I got nadda answer! My dad could fix anything... hello, DAD I'M CALLING YOU!!!!! What is this girl going to do without a sewing machine. Its like alcohol to me. I just need to finish some embellishments on my jeans and make this purse and do some other stuff.

So, I just drown a bit of my sorrows with a big fat piece of lemon cake! Its huge! I think I will have to have some tea and peach schnapps- from Hungary. How did THAT get im my suitcase. It must have been a ghost!

HMMMMMMMMMM. huns is coming in maybe he can fix it.

tootle loo


sas said...

WHen I first got my sewing machine, I was so frustrated. I could never get it to work! My problem... I always forgot to put the foot down before I began sewing. Then the thing would clog, I couldn't get the needle out. The more I practice, the better I get! :)

Susan said...

Penny, you signed an agreement to "Abstain from teh use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs, medications not prescribed to me, inappropriate clothing, gambling and profanity during the mission." You didn't sign an agreement not to buy alcohol while you were there and bring it home...