Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Snooze Day

Isn't this a beautiful little Church! We saw so many in Ukraine and hungry. They were small and mostly Orthodox and Catholic. You could see the steeples from the road as we drove by the villages. Its such a beautiful Country. I believe this is a Christian Church, most of the orthodox Churches had a "onion" top dome and the Catholic of course had the Virgin Mary. I'm a quick study, huh?

Only 3-5% of the people actually attend church. Most of them are just affiliated by family name to a church.
The Methodist Church where we visited was kept going during the Soviet Rule. One of the minister's father was imprisoned for keeping the Church going. What wonderful faith

This is a sweet little lady we went to visit. The other person is Vova. He is the minister of the new church where we dug the footing. The women in the area make these potato pancakes in the morning, just in case someone comes by. They don't have much, but will give you all they have. Her home is so much like the ones you see in old Russian/Soviet movies. The 2 room were very tiny, no running water and no bathroom facilities. Its as wide as you see and not very long. The second room is her little bed and dresser. She has 2 sons that live in Ukraine. She has not seen them for many years. She wanted to have pictures to send to her sons. Im so glad we were able to take the portable printer with us. We gave her 2 pictures and she was so very excited.

Believe it or not, this is a pic of Krushchev's Daca-summer home. He was Ukrainian, and built this in the forest. WE had a picnic in the forest and went for a walk. Our host told us that it was just over the hill. Well, we are such nosey Americans and the gate was open, do off we went.

You can see where the person/mafia is redoing the housse. The windows are new and they are running duct work in the house. The floors are being torn out and repoured with concrete.

This little guy... oh my heavens. I took a picture with his wife and then he decided to have a pic too. I thought he was going to kiss me. You can tell I was squirming to get away. He was so funny. This just happened to be a day that he knew the'pastor' was coming to visit, so he stayed sober. After the picture he wanted to show us his goat. He got them out of the pen and milk them. Then he wanted us to drink the milk. NO WAY, I didnt. but a couple of the ladies did drink it.

Thats all the pic for now, I need to get ready for bed. I am feeling better, but I am not going to school until we have all the cultures back from the pathologist. Gee what a mess!

Have a great day

tootle loo!

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tommiea said...

What an amazing experience....that man is cracking me up! I hope you are feeling better soon.