Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Tuesday y'all

What a difference a class of 13! makes. The flu has hit our school and I had 13 kids today. We sailed right through everything! Zip, zip, zip. Calm, cool collected.
Son #1 is setting my business up tonight. I must have talked to him 20 times! Gotta love those boys of mine. I make glass collage necklaces. I have been making them for friends and selling them at school. Anywho, son wants me to whip these out for a business. As long as he does the thinkin', I am good to go!

The stupid insurance company wants documentation that I got sick in Ukraine! I need to have a receipt. Yea like I saved those when I bought imodium! sure thingo. I did find a receipt, its written inUkrainian. Hope they can read it. I cant! hahah So, I will FAX them that tomorrow.

On a sad note, my Aunt Polly passed away last night. I got a call from my mom at school today. I knew something was up when she calls at school. Auntie was a hoot. She must have smoked 20 cigs a day. She even smoked when she was hooked up to the oxygen... She was funny though, we always had 'a little somethin sweet' at her house. I loved to go there and play with my cousins. My family on that side is small. Just my sister and my 2 cousins. So, sister and i will go OKC/Norman on Thursday and Friday . I have a rehearsal at 5:30 Friday night, so we have to be back by then.

Better get to soldering....

tootle loo

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tommie said...

So sad to hear about your Aunt.

If you like Mexican, eat at Ted's in OKC...there are 2-3 locations now. My favorite is up on North May.