Friday, February 8, 2008

I did it! Yep, I sure did!

Okey Dokey family and friend... I bought this little kit from Heather Ann at Anywho, I got it downloaded and didnt know where it was or how to get it to photoshop. After 3 hours of thinkin...yep on Friday night, I got them there. Now what shall I do.I have to figure out what to do with these kits when I get them.

Son #1 got the position he was hoping for! He will be a 'traveling stockbroker' with his firm. He will get paid to travel across the US and be the branch manager for short amounts of time. Whats better, he gets paid a bundle for traveling, plus per diem! This is so wonderful for him. Im so excited that he has this opportunity. 'Moey' gets to come live with us while he spend the next couple of years traveling. So, we need to get the new fence up! When he finds or decides where he would like to live in the US, he can just do that! He has been through a lot in the past few months and this is such a blessing for him. He will be based out of Dallas/Plano. When he isnt traveling he will work at the office. Thanks be to God for answered prayers!

Son #2 is looking and interviewing for a job! He has a degree from Univ of Tulsa in marketing/business admin. I know that God has that perfect job waiting for him. We just need to keep praying without ceasing that he finds the right position.

I am making sugar cookies to send off to son #1 this weekend. I made them and they are in the fridge, but they taste like there is a bit too much salt. I always use salted butter,and it called for 1t of salt. hmmmm I guess I will add a bit more sugar in the am. I need to get those in the mail on Monday! Them make a batch for son #2.

Off to bed to watch 'what not to wear'... I love to watch those shows. My niece and I think we are fashion police...

tootle loo,

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Little Town Big Life said...

Congratulations to #1!!!

Love the heatherann designs stuff. I checked out her website--not sure what I'm lookin at!! All digital? You're gonna have some fun now!!

Talk to you soon.