Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Oh, the weather outside is snow, snow, snow! Its actually a very pretty snow. Its on the grass, and tree, but it melts pretty fast on the road. It snowed all day here today. Big huge flakes started about 7:00 ish this morning and its 8:30pm. Still snowing. We have about 4 inches.
But, I was able to get out to Reasors... I was all snuggled in paying bills ( yukko), the fire going and hot tea ready. We were out of toilet paper! Yep not a square of it anywhere! I had to go get some.
This was every kids dream in my room today. We did our best to learn something, but I just don't know. Finally, after lunch we bundled right up and went outside with our black construction paper and caught snowflakes, we caught a bit on tongues, too. Then back in for hot cocoa and marshmellows. They are really good if they think we might have hot cocoa! They even wait their turn! We spent this afternoon learning to write poems.
You know the 5 line...
adjective, adjective
verb, verb, verb
yea thats the one. They were really cute! We started with mitten and ended with glove. They had to fill in the middle.
Other than that not too exciting! Im sure we will have school tomorrow, the road are OK and even the county/counrty roads are Ok. Remember I live in a small town 18 mi north of Tulsa.
I have a huuuuuuge wedding this weekend at BAUMC. Rehearsal is tomorrow night and the wedding Saturday night. Tu plays right after the wedding. busy day.
I am so hungry for some roast and lemon pie! hmmm just drop it off at school tomorrow, I eat at 11:45!!!
tootle loo,

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Jen said...

Catching snowflakes with black construction paper?!? What a great idea. I'll have to use that with the boys sometime. Your kids must love you!

Have a warm weekend!