Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh, I was at the Dr. really... not

Yep I skipped out this afternoon for a day of therapy with Pam. Whew, we ate first... of course at Nibbles in South Tulsa.... not worth it!
Then to Lazy Daisy- I think. We got lots of ideas. Then to J something jewerly. We both got thumb rings. Well, we couldn't quite get them off. I got a new cross necklace. REALLY CUUUUTE. We looked some more, then off to a shoe store... 'no we didnt buy there,
then off to Lambruzco's for dessert. I had me a big ole piece of italian cream cake and about licked the plate clean, with a Diet DrPepper of course, then to Tapestry of Faith. I got a few things and Pam got lots and lots of stuff at the 75% off table.
Finally a mad dash to Hobby Lobby to get styrofoam balls for the snowmen we are making at school tomorrow and zipped right on home to turn around and go back to Tulsa -BAUMC for a wedding consultation with"Talmadge Powell",-the wedding/event planner, he looks all of 13. then another wedding consult, then a minister meeting and finally dinner and mission meeting.
Whew, Im off to take my' muscle relaxer' and snuggle in my down comforter to sleepy land.

Tootle loo,

ps- glad the weekend is coming up, I need to rest for the real Dr. appt next- actually dentist!

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Ashley said...

it's j. spencer. she used to be in my sunday school class. nibbles. not good? where's the dessert place t-something. never heard of it. you better lay off those muscle relaxers MOM. i think you are about nine or ten years younger than my mom, but if you were my mom i'd tell you to go to the doctor. what did he say? i didn't see that on your blog. have a great day at school tomorrow. text book meetings are horrid. i remember! ugh!