Sunday, January 20, 2008


I did the WalMart thing today. Nothing against WalMart, but I just don't like to go there. I usually go to Target, then Reasors. But its COLD here and I didn't want to get out 2 time. I also need a bit of fabric and Hobby Lobby was closed. So, I am in need of a new vac. The one I want is at Lowes and is $400. Its a Dyson. Anywho, that's not in the budget right now! WalMart had a vac for $45. Whatever, I threw it in the cart and finished shopping.
Wow, did we ever need a new one. I emptied the container 4 times before I finished the house!!!! How disgusting! I had no idea I needed one that bad! Yippee, I feel good looking at the carpets now.

Hubs has a 'cold'. you know the I am going to die, please get me some medicine. I got him Nyquil. I will knock him out tonight.

I did a phone meeting this afternoon with a bride. Whew, she is probably 70ish, but boy does she have requests! I will earn every cent on this one!!

Tomorrow is MLK Day and school is out, well not me. Its a professional day, so I will clean my room, move stuff around, get mitten unit ready and all of that fun stuff. Wednesday is a textbook mtg in Tulsa... borrrrrrrrring. Im lead teacher in 2nd grade and the one to go.... I hope I can stay awake. So I have to get lesson plans ready for then! Its really easier to stay at school.
Oh my goodness, I got a packet back from Teachers Retirement System. I could have retired this year!!!! go figure. how did I screw that up. Anywho Hub would like me to work 3 more years to pay off the house, nah, don't think so!!! Maybe but probably not.

Its getting late and I need to drug hubs and go to bed! hm mm, I slept in son#1's bed last night because hubs was coughing, best sleep I've had in a long time. I may try that again tonight, I think we need a new mattress too. whee, I may have to work 3 more years.

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Suzanne said...

Hi there! I've been visiting your blog for a few weeks now. I'm finally deciding that I should comment! I found you from Jenissa's design site.
We live in Edmond, so when I saw that you were in OK, I had to read! My husband is a HS Principal, so I can relate to your posts about school!

I hope you have a wonderful day on this "professional day"!

boy #2 said...

You should get your "hub" or boy #1 to get you a nice long day at the spa.....