Monday, January 14, 2008

Retirement... am I ready?

Ok, we all know I am really ready to do what I want when I want. But tonight I was calculating my retirement. Since I will retire at 52, I wont get SS for 10 more years. I will bring home about $500-800 less per month. hmmmmm I can always sub. But will I . Hubs said that I could sub at TU's School for the Gifted most days, also I could sub here in town and Owasso.
I really want to do this and have next year my last year. But, its kind of scary to jump off that cliff and go for it.
I do have this habit of spending money. But I wont need work clothes, I can do things like 'rock the babies' at DHS, volunteer at Little Light House, go on mission trips, CASA, oh so many things. Hmmm
I do believe I need lots of prayers. I need to sit still and listen, so pray that God in his infinite wisdom will lead me in the way that I am to go.
Some days I am soooooo ready to walk out and retire next year, but maybe just knowing that I can will be better.
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Little Town Big Life said...

Good grief-you didn't tell me WE have one more year!!! Do you know how much I have to pay off between now & then!!!!! ha ha ha

If you retire after next year, I'm just going to have to find a part time job so I'll be home most of the time too!!!!

We gotta talk about this---I'm thinking that's the "therapy" day Thurs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a real delimma to me. I bet TU would pay well. Do you know. Every time Dr. called me to work after I retired I was to busy, or going to see my girls, or just didn't want too! As you know I really missed our patients, but knowing I did not have to anything I did not want to do was a real trip!

Whatever you decide you will have a ball.

Love ya, Mom