Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stike up the band!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my heavens... we have internet service at home. No more illegal operations at school. I took me 2 hours to get it back on the laptop. I had some 'vista crap' running my network. hmmmmmm anyway, the party is back.

So, stay tuned for future updates. You have missed sooooo much of the lovely life in the 'Sheehan fam"... i have posted a pic of the boys playing with their toy at Christmas. They get one toy even at this age!

such lovely children.... hmmm I sure think so.

Now, let see where or where do I begin...

I tried to name the house over Christmas, the boys made fun of me all of Christmas. I want to name it 'hummingbird cottage'- I was laughed out of the car! So, I suggested 4-S Cattle Company... oops we dont have cows... 'Maple Hill Cottage', hmmm. well see.

Better get to bed, more tomorrow, if I stay on the big I

tootle loo

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