Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Silly stuff

Oh where. oh where did the weekend go, oh where, oh where can it be...

Gee whilikers, that was one fast weekend.

These area few of my favs to start the week:

Lance got his diploma from TU this last week. I guess he paid his parking tickets. He has had the luxury of having a 'staff/faculty' sticker for 4 years. The 5th year, the parking changed. So his car had a student sticker.Hmmmm, I guess he got used to parking wherever. Oh well.

We were blessed by: 1. Having wonderful boys. 2. Tuition break at The University of Tulsa. 3. Having both boys graduate for TU.

Yes, I love this haircut!!!! Love it I say, BUT as you can see from the pic above my is getting long enough to pull back with a headband... But, I realllllllllllly love this! Hmmm what do you think, go for it or not????

Now, look at this adorable shoe. Wouldn't that look cuuuuuute sitting on the dresser in the bedroom? I think so.

I saw this poster and had to have it. Hubs always says if you love it then you can get it. Its my new motto:
Okey dokey, thats about it for Sunday silly stuff... Its back to work Monday!
Have a good Monday
tootle loo,

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Little Town Big Life said...

LOVE the haircut!!! I think I want it for summer!! We can be twinkies!!

Hey--Thurs--it'll be just you & me. Forget the loosers that SAY they are ya yas!!

Let me know if you can still go. I'll have a "DRS APPT" wink wink!!!

The pic of Lance is great!!

Anonymous said...

PEN, Connie and I don't want the shoe, Yuk. The hair cut is cute. We are OK with that, like you care. Love the poster. We like the hair in the pic of Lance's graduation. Did he have to take out a loan for the tickets!