Friday, January 11, 2008


Are you an aholic... I am ,here's the dirt on me!

I am a major purseaholic. I covet purses. I went to St. John Owasso to get my med records for a friend/doc that wants to read them. He thinks its interesting to read about my latest tummy stufff.... oh where was I - yes at the gift shop in the hospital. They had this purse! Its soooooo cuuuuute.

I got a Dooney/Burke once and hubs about crapped in his pants! I still have it and carry it ALOT! hahah to hubs!

I am also a shoeaholic... these
are my favs. The are oka b. shoes!! Love them! They feel so good and are so preppy. I can dress up or down and they are under $30.

I am also a perfumaholic. I love all kinds but this is my new favorite. Lance and Laura got me a BIG bottle for Christmas.

Its smeels so clean and wonderful.

Ok enough with the pics, I am trying to get this post done and bake chocolate chip cookies to eat NOW. Im hungry and they are in the fridge waiting to be cooked, whatever right.

So here are the rest of my aholics:

candles- love them except since the power outage, I not so 'keen' on them lately. But I have Tyler melts all over the house! Even room spritzering. Fill a bottle of water and some room spritz oil, get going.

face products- just ordered a bunch of 'philosophy' products. I got sooooo excited when the UPS man rang the bell.

jammies- cant have enough of these, especially Nick and Nora- Target!!!

craft room crap- THere are so many things I START! hence the word start, Im trying to finish them too.

Ok, thats most of my aholics. Im sure my family, hmmm -sister and neice could get a few more .

What are you aholics????


tommie said...

Not sure if it is an "aholic"....but I love good makeup. Bobbi Brown is what i have used for years and I love it!!!

So glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

Pen, you could guess my "aholic" is quilting, in fact I went to the big quilt show yesterday and I feel sooooo much better today, just looking a what I had to have!


Kerry said...

oka b. shoes are the best aren't they?

I am a purseaholic, a jcrewaholic, a shoeaholic, a shopaholic, and more! it's a serious sickness. :)

cyberpenguin said...

I'm a JCrewaholic & have got a blog by the same name! ;-)