Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Its snow time

We are forcasted to have SNOW-- lots of it, in the am. But, who know? I have food in the pantry, and 4 wheel drive, I am ready.
It probably wont start until we get to school and snow all day. Great for a room full of 2nd graders excited about the 1st snow! Cant wait... I can hardly sleep... NOT
Anyway, Chili for supper tonight, no dessert, the belly is blossoming and we cant let that happen. It's Pam fault anyway with that cheese cake from last week. There was probably 200000 eggs and 500 chunks of creme cheese.... Its all on my butt! My sister and I have a Bertha Big Ass Pact. I was a funeral many years ago and sat on the row behind all my aunts. I made a quick assessment that being of 'German' descent, the hineys spread.... and spread... and spread. So my sister and I decided that if we started to get Bertha Big Ass, we would tell each other, and we will. If not my niece will tell us both! So anyway I assess the ass periodically to make sure we are not in the Bertha Club.
Now, before i hear for you that not all German women have big butts, let me leave a disclaimer that at least in my family they do!!! I dont know about yours.
Speaking of family... I have all of my Great Grandmas old photos. most of them we can tell what and who they are, but we have a bunch that we have 'no clue'. Would there be a market for old pics of people you dont know? They are just setting in my 'craft/crap' room. No, mother I wont sell ANY of the one we can identify!
Off to bed, white snowy dreams to you
tootle loo

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Jen said...

Hi! I just bumped into your site, and reading your "About Me" section made me smile. I thought "Aaaah, I hope that's me a few years down the road"....I have three boys, and my husband and I have only been married 8 years. 27 years for you two! Wow! Congratulations! My boys are all under 7 yrs old which means a quiet house is bit of a myth at this point.

I hope those excited second graders didn't drive you bonkers :)

tommie said...

Did it snow? I used to work in a district that NEVER cancelled for snow. Mainly because the SUPT went skiing on Spring Break every year, and he didn't want to shorten his cacation any!