Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday night excitement

Not really excitment, just ol Saturday stuff
-dollar store
-grocery store
-helps hubs fix the fence for Moey- thats a whole other post soon
-clean the toilet
- just stuff

meet with a bride
eat of course
finish laundry
mission meeting after church at 6ish- take cookies, if we dont eat them first!
hmmm what else????

We made crytals at school this week. We have been learning about snow and ice. Each of the kids got to make their own.
1 cup of borax
1cup hot hot water
mix it up and put it in a wide mouth jar.
make a snowflake out of a few pipecleaners and hang it by a pencil in the jar. The borax will settle on the bottom, but in the morning, it will be a crystal. Pul it out and let it dry on a paper towel.

Dont let little one put this in the their mouth!!! it could be toxic

I had left over Christmas breads in the freezer, hmmm lets make my fav... bread pudding
2 cups left over bread
2 eggs
handfull of cranberries
brown sugar
butter about a stick
I add stuff until it looks good and then back about 30 min at 350
I am making some Valentine Jewerly. I made one for me, of course and I think I make one for my niece Kristyn. I think I might make some and put on the blog and maybe you all will think they are soooooo cute and have to have one too.
heheheheh lets see.... cant wait

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