Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Queen Penny has arrived!!!

Here I am Mrs. America.... opps wrong song! Here I am Mrs. Queeeeen! That right. Pam and I went right on down to Tulsa last night and held court with THE SWEET POTATO QUEEN herself. Now, this girl is the 'southern version' queen. She was there with her hubs and talked a bit, read a chapter from her book. ( I could have read it better, in my Junie B Jones voice), but she was great. That place was packed! We got there 1 hour before to grab a bite to eat. We always eat when we go out. Anywho, we got 'A' tickets and sat on the 5 row aisle! Yep we were in touching distance. So, I bought 2 more books. I already had the Sweet Potato Queens Big Ass Cookbook and Financial Planner, The SPQ Novel, I bought the SPQ Wedding planner and Divorce Guide, and The SPQ Guide to Raising Children... She wrote messages in them to 'Queen Penny" see I have been annointed. My big ass crown should arrived any day. I will wear it with pride when I clean the house !
I went to the dentist... look ma, no cavities but I do need another crown! Not the one I really like, but a tooth crown. For the price I will pay I could have a diamond incrusted in my tooth!
Then I went to work and its not half bad teaching for 1/2 day. Son #2 plays basketball for BAUMC, so we are off to watch him tonight. He will be the cute one! hahaha.
I actually cooked tonight so my belly is so full, I could just curl right up on the couch and sleep away the potatoes and meatloaf! Oh well, hubs will drive. I always tell him he's the best driver, so that I dont have to drive, tehe tehe!
Better get, I need to powder my nose and put on shoes.
y'all run right on over to www.littletownbiglife.blogspot.com and visit the other queen Pam.
tootle loo,

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