Sunday, January 6, 2008

The big switch

Yep, i am now fed up with the whole Community Cable Crap! I am changing to ATT tomorrow. I still dont have cable or internet service. Nope not since Dec. 13.
We are at hub's mothers watching the TU bowl game. Right now they are kicking butt! Hmmm lets see what happens. Oh my goodness, my Lance was ust on TV. He is the quarterback in a blue T-shirt during the TU commercial. SOOOOOOO Cute!
Ryan went home yesterday. I was so sad he left, but her had to go back to work. He took Moey and the car! Nope, he never let me drive the Mercedes. Oh, well, maybe next time. I am soooooooooo proud of my boys...

Ok thats enough bragging....

So tomorrow I will be going to the ATT Store to get Dish and internet service!!!!!!! This is crazy!

Speaking of crazy, the weather in Cville is beatiful. Its in the 70's today!!!! The yard is now free and clear of all the ie storm limbs. Yippee. Guess thats all for now.

Yea, I know I need some excitement in my blog... there is always tomorrow.

Tootle Loo

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Anonymous said... your comment on my blog...VERY SMALL WORLD. i love the roberts clan. lots of love in that family. funny! ; ) have a great week teachin' those kiddos. been there, done that, but not for too long. you deserve a million bucks! my mom's also a teacher...who is RETIRING this year! yay!

tommie said...

so glad to finally get back in the groove of bloggin'........

is the switch any better?