Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to Work

Oh man, I had to go back to work. sigh!!!
I so loved this year of 'winter break'. I just did whatever I wanted. Hubs went back to work yesterday, but I got one more day. hahaha.
Ryan came home Monday and we have enjoyed having him here. Also Moey the dog. She is soooooooooooooo spoiled. Hubs never ever let the dogs in the house. Nope never! Now Moey, sleeps at the foot of our bed!!!!!!!!!!1 She is as spoiled at the boys are. He still has not let me drive the Mercedes! I even offered to fill it with gas. No Mom, you cant drive it yet. WHat was that I heard... yet! A glimmer of hope there????

We had big family dinner last night. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, okra, salad, cheese cake, rolls and tea! What a southern dinner and all fried up good to clog those arteries!!!!!yummyyyyyyy Mom and Rick came up from OKC, Ryan, Lance and Laura, Hubs Mom, and us. I cooked all afternoon. I made a jello salad from my fav cookbook., The SweetPotatoe Queens Big Ass Cookbook! But I forgot to drain the pineapple, so it dodnt mold, but we still gobbled it right down with a spoon.

Speaking of Sweet Potato Queen, Jill Connor Browne is coming to Barnes and Noble. Love her!!!! I have it on the calendar, Pam and I will be there first in line with our books in our purses and ready for her to sign them. Cant wait for that!

Ok, still not internet, so I am once again performing an illegal operation at school.... blogging at lunchtime. Oops.................

Better get, I have some stuff to do. Oh, I almost forgot.... the Reasors on 169 and Hwy 20 has wrapping paper for 50cents. I got two rolls of red toile, I did bulletin boards this am and I will go back for more after school. I love it.

Tootle loo

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