Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year

Sunday Dec 30th...

It was the week after Christmas and a throught the house, not a creature was stirring, the cable and iternet were still out...
The stockings were laying on the floor with care in hope the maid wold soon be here.... STOP we dont have one.
The children and hubs were not snugged in, they were cutting wood, cutting wood, cutting wood. So life in Collinsville continues and we STILL are waiting for cable and internet. Our house is looking better,the backyard has a way to go, and the boys are off to Grandmas, then the rental property. Ryan is coming up tomorrow to see a friend off to Singapore, the he will stay a while and cut with the boys. I guess that means we wil go buy the 3rd chain saw!!!!!! Whatever!!!!

So without internet or famliar blogs, I have painted the bathroom. Its light blue with grey fleur-de-lies and a glaze. Then I moved to Ryans room. Its now grey, with the same border... I still need to repiant baseboads and his ceiling fan need replaced!

School starts back next Thursday! Where did time go. We are usually on a 'mission trip' with the youth at Boston Avenue to Mexico, but this year we stayed home !!!!! yippee!!!!!!

Last night we celebrated our 28th anniversary. At least we lasted though the ice storm/power outage. what that old saying? What doesnt kill you or your spouse makes you stronger... At least we are still together! We saw the cuttttttest movie last night. I cried through the WHOLE thing... PS I Love You! Its definately a chic flic! But hubs mae it through without a tear! men!!!

Dinner is about ready, npe I ave not helped! oops! I think its meatload, okra, brownies, potatoes..... yummmmmmy.

Ill be back later, or when we get fired up again.

Have a great New Year..

Tootle loo,

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