Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Ho, Ho , Ho, its beginning to look a little bit like Christmas around here. We-hubs went up in the attic, I'm not allowed there after I fell through... Anyway we got 3 boxes including the tree down. I didnt get all the decorations, rugs, and lots of knick nacks out. Nope not this year ! So this is the entry way. My little reading room. No, I didnt clean up before I clicked away, sorry!
I slapped some already lite garland on the clock and took the fern out of the basket!
The bedroom! Nope, I didnt make the bed, cause the sheets are in the dryer! Anywho, i put some garland on the headboard with red lights! The headboard is one that hubs made many years ago, it ceiling tiles that look like tin, painted white.

This is the front window! Tiny tiny tree, oh well. I will work. I had to set it up on something, because granddog Moey is coming next weekend for L's graduation from TU.
I have the cutest little Noah's Ark with animals and people made from wood. We have had it for ever. the boys played with it so much. Well, Its now chewed by Moey and Aspen when the came to visit! Aspen lives with her mommy now. Yes, Aspen is a dog too!

This is the tree in the family room. Oops, I forgot to shut the door to the laundry room. The other door goes to hubs office. I love to decorate the tree and remember all the places we got ornaments and the cute ones the boys made at school. I think that is why I always make one ornament each week of December at school. I hope their Mom keeps them for many years. I want to distress those two chair white. What do you thing?? Hubs thinks I am nuts, but whatever that usually doesnt bother me.
My legs and knees are sooooooooooooooooo sore from my fall. They are swollen and bruised! I am such a klutz! I am thinking that this is all about the meds I take. Finally we found a regimen that works for the fibromyalgia! Now its causing me to feel weird and fall alot. Hmmmmm.
Hubs got the front part of the fence back up. yippee Moey will like that. I would like to get L his puppy for graduation. Blue Tick Coon Hound, I think we could keep it here, but he probably wants to keep it at his house and he has a huge dog there that belongs to a room mate. Hmmmm... We got him a 'brick' at TU. What a grad gift huh? But its at the BB Arena and is going to by near Ryan's. So they well have left their mark at TU. Im sure they already did that somewhere around the fraternity house. I just dont want to know that information.
Guess that all, I need to go solder a few gifts for people at school.
Tootle loo,

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Anonymous said...

You need my Christmas quilt to grace the unmade bed. Did you mother not teach you to always make your bed!
The rest looks great...It is missing the bar covered with tea and cocoa you always have. Hope you are feeling better. Love, Mom

The Rose Room said...

Ha ha, love your Mom's comment! That is how my house is when I take photo's I just crop out the messy bits!!! Your Christmas house looks great - Rachael - xo

tommie said...

Your tree looks like it has longhorns! Trust me, after living in Texas, I wouldn't put it passed some people to do so, they put those things on everything!

Hope you are feeling better!