Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a Merry Christmas

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We had a wonderful time in Dallas. The boys, hub and I spent time together, ate and opened presents. We actually opened presents on Christmas Eve. We have never done that, but the boys wanted to do that so... we did. We atated off to Church an when we got there the sanctuary was filled more than an hour before the service started. So, we went to eat instead. Yummmmm italian food, then home to unwrap presents. I must have been really good, photo elements, clothes and jewerly! Hubs liked his tickets to Celine Dion and the boys were glad to get their stuff. Lance loved his camera and Ryan really liked his Ipod among all the other stuff!!!

WE wnet out to dinner on Christmas. I knew that it would be at least $200. I had a mimosa, Ry had a bloody mary and L had a beer! Total tab $308! I about crapped in my pnats, but it was good. I mean really good!!!! Ah well, its only once a year.

I hope you all had a great time too. My internet is still down, so I am at Pam's house. Better get back home. Pics will come wyhen I get back on. I left the laptop with Ry, so I will either wait until he come back next week or get a new one???????

Have a great New Year!

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