Friday, December 7, 2007

list, list list

List, list, list, oh my.

Rainy, sleety nasty weather and the kidnapping did not happen tonight! Maybe the week we are off for Christmas break.
It started raining this am and now its just yukky. I needed gas in the Jeep, the fire was warm in the fireplace, I fell once again at school, its just was not happening!

Yep, I walked out of my room at school and landed on my knees and hands! So, since this is not the first time 'my legs' don't do what I tell them, I did call the Dr. I will go see Dr. M on Tuesday! Im sure its just nothing, but I have ignored it for a few months and thought it would go away. But, the good side... I didnt wet my pants!!!!!

Anyway, my knees are sore and bruised!

Saturday list:
  • get Christmas stuff from the attic
  • go get some groceries- Target, Lowes
  • pick up the junk in the house
  • laundry
  • work on SS party for Mohawk Manor- its Thursday
  • finish some ornament orders
  • find a place for furniture we brought home from Dallas
  • put something in the crock pot
  • clean the kitchen and bathrooms
  • make Lance some Christmas cookies for 'the boys'
  • make some and freexe for Ryan
  • make a TUTU for Ryans bosses little girl- Maddy


  • Church
  • TU BB game
  • SS party at Escargot- Tulsa
  • decorated the house
  • work on a presentation for SS and Mission committee- about Ukraine
  • make a gift list
  • clean Lance's closet
  • get stuff ready for next weekend----- Lance Graduates for TU. yippee!!!
  • call Zios'- we are taking everyone for lunch after Grad.
  • cull through magazines
  • put away fall stuff
  • research why I am falling/ feeling wierd. I know Dr. M tells me to stay off the internet...

I think that is it!

No wonder Im always tired. I really need to find some good vitamins. But I never know which ones are good and which run through you like pee! I have spent more money on vitamins and I never feel any different. Any suggestions????

I am going to bed early tonight!!!!!!!!! Right Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tootle loo ya'all

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