Friday, December 21, 2007

power. power, we have power!!!

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Yep on the 11 day of Christmas my city gave to me electricity!!!

I have cleaned all day and the house is looking good! Not so much for me, but I can clean up pretty fast. I have all of the presents wrapped and under the tree, except for one package. Its in transit?????

So, I wont go into detail about how we got the power.... Lets just say City Hall and I had a "come to Jesus mtg". Yep I was hateful. Hubs was the mayor here when the kids were little for about 6 years. It seemed more like 60 years. Anyway, that card didnt play well, soo I got a bit huffy. However we now have electricity!!!!!!!

Ok, we dont have internet because I use the cable service as my internet thingy, but I can come across the street to Little town,big life and use hers!

We are off for Bid D for Christmas! I have things ready and Ry is making a reservation for Christmas Dinner!

Better get, hubs will be home soon.

tootle loo,

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tommie said...

Yeah!!! is this the best gift ever??

I know I have mine....and he is in the boy's room trying to get him back to sleep....something I would have been doing just a few days ago! And guiltily (that looks funny) I am out here cruising my fav blogs!