Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice mess

I am at TU at hubs office to pay bills online, so here is the latest blog info.
We are still out of electricity. The ice storm pulled the service box off our house and we are putting it up tonight. But we dont know when the service will be back on. We have a wood burnung fireplace and gas cooking stoce, s, but I threw out all of our food 2 days ago. We are using candles at night and flashlights. Anwho, I will be offline for a while. The internet is through our cable TV CO and it may be a while

Little town big Life is across the street for me andis in the same spot!!!
One of us will beck back soon. Pics of my tow are on:

tootle loo

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tommie said...

Penny- I saw the horrible ice damage and wondered about you! Here's to a quick thaw!

The Rose Room said...

That's incredible, take care - Merry Christmas and Blessings - Rachael