Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Silly stuff

Welcome to Sunday Silly stuff...
I have been sooooooo tired the past few days. I guess my fast paced week caught up with me. I slept a lot yesterday. The fog was so terrible here this morning! The road HWY 75 was closed in a few places because of frozen fog! Well, that is no excuse, but I watched Church on Ch 8.
I cruised the Internet for some kitchen ideas last night:

My dining room has brown wainscoting and wallpaper. This is what I would love to do. But, hubs doesn't say much about the inside decorating I do except, he doesn't want it painted! Hmmm I don't know for sure how I will pull this off.

I really like this kitchen! Yep I sure do, The end pieces are not hard, just trim you get at Lowes and put it on.

This one would work for me too. I like the clean look of white kitchen cabinets. I really want an island too.

I crafted today. I had an order for a girl at school. 1--her kids with a saying and she and 2 --- her husband with a saying. So I made a few valentine things too.
This one is on gold and beige paper with a pink heart. I am going to start selling these on my website. I have ordered some vintage valentine things, so I will have them up next week. Anywho, this one is $7.00. If it tickles your fancy email me and I will send it your way.

This one is $7.00 too. email me and it can be your.

Now, for the cream of the crop. I made myself a bracelet. I have always wanted one, but knew I would never spend $250.00 yes, that $250.00! I'm sure they are much neater at soldering, but hey it's for a holiday, not to wear all the time. Anyway there are things on both the front and back. I'm just loving it I will tell you so.
Tomorrow, Pam and I are going to see our all time fav... sweet potato queen at Barnes and noble. I have had my books: Sweet Potato Queens Big Ass Cookbook and The Sweet Potato Queens Novel. She the main Queen herself Jill Connor Browne will be there. I will be a groupie! I have never been a groupie before. I saw Elvis once, but wasn't that excited. Oh Rod Stewart was sort of like a groupie, but I was with Hubs. So I was well behaved.
Cant wait for tomorrow night !!!!!!!! Bring your books and come along.
That is about all for now, back to school tomorrow and a full week. I have a big big wedding nest weekend and time is flying right by.
tootle loo,


Anonymous said...

Love the dining room. You could totally do that with your windows and ect. I can see this kitchen in your house. Do you have the room.


tommie said...

love all of those rooms! I have a red wall at the end of my kitchen in the dining is more of a terra cotta red/orange color. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Aunt TT-
I got my jewelery in the mail that you sent....very cute!! I'll sport it at work and see if I can get you some more business!
Love ya, Coconut