Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keepin busy

My heavenly daze! I am having some orders... enough to keep me busy and the pocketbook full. This weekend I am going to upload some Christmas jewelry to sell. Be lookin....
Whew, the weather has gotten so cold. I am not sure whether to keep Moey in or out. I don't want her to get cold. We don't have a dog house on the patio. She does have a snuggle blanket. Hmmm, whats the weather when you keep your doggy in the house??

Sat is our last TU football game. Its an afternoon game, so it wont be too cold.

Then 2 days at school, I AM SO READY! The kiddos are WILD !!!!! I mean really WILD. Its all I can to to teach and referee. They are wearing me "plum out"! I hope to make pumpkin pie in a cup tomorrow for our Fri cooking activity, if they can behave in the morning. hmmmm, we will see.

Not much other news. We will put up Christmas stuff next week. I have a couple of parties at the house, do I need to fru fru up a bit. Christmas will be in OKC at Mommas house. All the fam will be there.

Off to bed... I am gettin a head cold or sinus crap.

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