Friday, October 17, 2008

pumpkin poop and you have been boo'd

I am having a great Fall Break! yep, I am. I played on the computer till noon in my jammies drinkin coffee. I came across the cutest little things to do for Halloween. I went to the store and got alll the stuff to pull this off!This is the paper that will go in the boo basket with some goodies. You leave it on the porch and the person then puts a sign on their door and boo's 2 more people. Wont this be fun!

You put this sign on your door and then people know you have been boo'd! Its a secret, shhhhh.

The I found this little cute idea... you just add candy corn. Got that too. I also got stuff to make Witches Brew. You put a packet of cider, 1 twizzler, and gummie worms in a package and send it with a cute witch thing SOOOOO cute. I cant wait to get started.
I have a wedding tomorrow morning then TU FB in the evening. I hope to get my booing done in the morning..
hehehehehe shhhhhhh dont tell
tootle loo

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