Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh, how I love Fall Break!!!

Yes I do!!!!!
I just love to wake up leisurely and drink my coffee on the back porch and wear my jammies until 10:00 or longer and watch HGTV.
Yesterday was an errand day and boy did I get a lot finished.
Dentist- the TMJ one
Gap- a good sale on pants and t-shirts-- long sleeve ones, soooo soft!
grocery store
I went to the cuuuutest little Teacher Store in Owasso, I got a few books and a cute key chain. I wanted a bag with my initial on it, so cute, but I just decided I have 2000000 bags, no more for a while.
then last...
Bunco... I was a sub for a friend. you pay $10. and the winner gets $$$, guess who was the winner, moi! yep I had 3 bunco's.

pumpkin patch
decorate a bit with the pumpkins. I bought a corn stalk thingy at Reasors and crammed it in the Jeep. I had to sweep that poor thing out.
I got out all the fall/winter clothes a washed them and put them in the nice clean closet! I washed the down comforter too. I washed it in the Tyler Candle clothes wash stuff, heavenly!!!!

I finished 100 pieces of jewelry to take to Norman. I took pictures of them but the batteries are dead and I can't find new ones in this house. I even tried to rob them from another battery powered item. I am not sure about this venture. Its a consignment sale at Norman. There are only about 7 vendors and so I cant really call it a craft show. hmmmm, I may be hawkin my "stuff" on my blog! I really had fun making things and have lots of ideas for new stuff too. A teacher friend is going with me, we will have fun no matter what I sell. If you are in the Norman/ OKC area come see me Thur-Sat at the Norman Fairgrounds.
The Affair of the Heart is in OKC this weekend. I could just selll my stuff out of the back of the Jeep.... hahahaha

I made chili tonight and Lance and Laura came for chili, Frito's and pumpkin pie. yummo.

What else, Oh my computer has the big hugggge font. I cant get rid of it. I hate when it does that. Oh yea I got some really cute shoes this afternoon. They are sketchers, that crisscross. I was going to show you a pic, but I am too tired to look online for one, maybe tomorrow

I better get to bed and snuggle in my clean sheets and new pillows and clean down comforter,

toote loo

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