Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zip, zip,zip...

Is Fall coming to me???? I am really ready for some nice fall weather. I was reading shabbychick's blog- (I would give you a link... but I dont know how! hmmmm,) and that pumpkin coffee has me in the mooooooood for fall! Where is it.
What a busy weekend. Wedding rehearsal and bridal meeting on Friday night, followed by a quick trip to Target.,
Saturday: clean house, do laundry, wedding at 6:00, TU football after that.
Sunday: Church, lunch, finish laundry, grocery store, fix stew, make a cake, work on jewelry, walk the dog, take a nap and now on the computer at 10:45!!!!!
I have a craft show in a few weeks. I DONT KNOW WHY I sign up to do these. They always sound fun, then the reality settles in a bam, its time. Oh my! I told my sister, if I ever sign up again to knock me sideways! really what was I thinking. Oh well, It will be fun. A friend of mine is going with me and we will have... fun no matter what!
I always sit and look at people and think to myself, "did they look at themselves when they left home". I know I don't always look spiffy when I run to the grocery store, ok and Target, but gesh, I never look as bad as some people. I sometime sit in Church and give makeovers in my head. I think to myself they would look soo much cuter if they would put on a bit of makeup and cut their hair. Especially long gray hair. yukko! Sorry if yours if long and gray, but seriously come on ! Get a style. Also, my worst pet peeve is women that wear shorts that crawl up their thighs. They make short bigger just for that reason!
My niece and I want to be fashion police and when we are together we are terrible, I mean really terrible. Its a good thing that she lives in Tx.
Son #1 is coming this weekend for TU homecoming. I cant wait. I miss my son #1. He is soooooo serious, yet so daring. He just cracks me up sometimes. He bought some new "couture" t-shirts. Really 4 for $200. Are you kidding me!!!!!! I can't wait to see them. But then when you think of 4 Izod, or 4 Express, they are probably about that much too! Hmmm we will see.
I better get Moey to the groomer this week so she is so cute for son #1. She is his dog, we are just grand dog setting. I cant go to PetsMart, you remember that issue. So I will call the vet in town and go there.
I better get to bed, I still have a sink load of dishes and I cannot go to bed with dishes in the sink.
I must have a clean kitchen when morning rolls around.
Blessing this week
tootle loo

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ASHLEY said...

thanks for the comments on my blog!!! means so much to me to know people are praying for me. and guess who my private nurse was the entire night and the next morning i spent in the hospital...dana! she came to my room that night and was up and down with me all night long, getting me juice, griping at the nurses for not having my pain medication, walking me to the restroom. amazing!! she said she sees you quite a bit! anyway, that woman deserves a million bucks! you do too, for teaching all these years! blessings!