Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I don't really believe in chiropractors... but I was hurting sooooo bad from fibromyalgia that when I went for my massage the other day, she suggested I go to a Chiropractor.
One week and $850. later and I am beginning to feel better. On a scale of 1-4, I am almost at 3.
So I go for 28 sessions. She, the Chiro, does this ear acupuncture. hmm that helps my back and they also do"chi". Im pretty skeptical about the chi stuff, but whatever.

Today she did Chi on my ankle so that it might be healed before Tuesday of next week when I go back to the Orthopedic Surgeon.

My neck didnt have a 'curve' to it and my spine was way out of control... story of me huh, I am always out of control.

School this year is a tremendous stress!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean TREMENDOUS. All 9 tchrs are experiencing the same thing. Generally by this time, the kids are rolling along and following directions, not this group... well let's say 25 % are and 75% are not!!!! They dont listen and have a terrible time following direction. They want to be told everything to write and all the answers. I am a firm believer in thinking for yourself. I dont do a lot of paper work and spend a lot of the day working as a group then going back to practice the skill. The kids are fighting at centers and whining about which center they get. I finally told them today that centers are over for a while and that the ones that finish their work can do special center work,. ie- apples this week. cut color, sew, make, bake and eat all types of apples. I generally finish the week with applesauce and apple muffins. Not so much this year unless you do your weekly work! Grrrrrrrr! Any suggestion for me ???????????????/
Enough ranting....

Isnt the weather wonderful? I am sooooooooooooo loving this. I am tired of the hot hot weather. I like to sit outside and drink my morning coffee and look at the world waking up.

Better get, I had 12 orders for Cardinal necklaces for football and I need to get them packaged for tomorrow.

tootle loo,

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