Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ho hum Wednesday

Pretty slow around the house tonight.

Last night we went on our weekly Tuesday night Logan's Steakhouse date. Love that place! $13.99 for 2 dinner. Yes! 2 dinners. It is now our weekly date! I love the salmon and talipia, hub always has the steak. Then to WalMart to get various stuff. hubs got tons of bulbs to plant in the yard... I hope the gophers don't eat them.

I have been working on centers for my classroom. This is the first year I have used centers as a teaching tool. Something new for me. My new desks came in today and I should have them all in the room put together by Monday. The SMART Board has been ordered and I cant wait to get it in the room, I am so excited about using it. Another thing to learn, but I'm game. Has anyone used one?????

This weekend is wedding and TU ballgame. Son #1 comes in next weekend for homecoming, he might bring a friend- of the female species with him. That will be fun. Son #2 and Laura always go to the ballgame with us. It will be good to have all of my boys together. Miss my boys, yep I sure do. I just want to hug on them even if they are 26 and 24! Son #1 goes to San Antonio in Oct, maybe I will just fly down for a weekend and see the sites with him. hmmmm sound like a deal to me.

Mom brought my "strepsils" to me today. They were in Tulsa and I cant get rid of the drainage and sore throat, so she brought it up to Cville. I got some in Budapest last year and you can't get it in the US. Love the stuff, gets rid of it fast!

I am itchin to get fall decorations out and decorate the house. Maybe tomorrow night or this weekend, I always think I need to clean first and I have not had time. I might have a house cleaner, thanks to a wonderful blog reader. YIPPEE! I hate to use someone that is not recommended, everything might be gone when you get home. She is a retired teacher, now that's the ticket for me.
I have my jewelry about ready for the craft show. My french mannequin came in the mail the other day. I need a name for her... I will take suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!! It must be a french name. I have thought of Francesca. Hmmmm, leave me a post for a lovely funky name. Speaking of funky, Mom took a look at the new style of my hair today and after a few seconds, said " Well, that's um funky". Guess in mom talk is ok, she didn't offer to send me to a new stylist.

After the chiropractor today, I wanted to go by the bew "teacher" store in Owasso. I could not remember the location, but I knew it was on 86th. I drove from 145th to 169. No store, I turned back and went back to 145th. No Store, sad, sad, sad, me! Then I came home and the store doesnt open until October 15. sad, sad, sad me!!!

Thats about all in the abode today. Peaceful and laid back.

Have a blessed weekend.

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how about a little jazz for your french name?? huh?? like:


now those are some frenchers!!