Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday Stuff

Well, I'm back... probably nobody noticed, so if you did, let me know. School is going fine, I will take a pic as soon as I get all my photo/publish forms back from parents!

I would love, love, love to have this hanging in my classroom. It pretty much sums up the class rule.

I have the sweetest little special needs girl. She is legally blind, and has difficulty walking. She uses a walker and also a thing around her waist for stability, but does everything I ask of her. She has a full time assistant that is marvelous and she is learning braille! Wow, it really looks difficult. The most amazing thing is, she completes or at least tries everything! Then, I have a girl that is across from her that just sits and stares into space! I get so aggrivated. She is capable of working, but won't. Starting tomorrow she will miss all of her, PE, computers etc until she learns to get her "job" finished. I guess its time to turn on my "miserable" button for this one.

Ok ,enough from my soap box. I have another wedding this weekend, but the bride is really nice and easy to work with. Then it slows down and we only have a few this fall! Whew, its really busy.

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. She is 53. Pretty good for being THAT old. hahaha. This is a pic of her and my niece, Kristyn at Ryan and Katy's wedding 3 years ago.
I really don't have any exciting news this week.
better get...
tootle loo


Terri and Bob said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love my PEO chapter, in fact, they are coming to my house on Tuesday. I am an elementary principal now, I loved reading your post about your visually impaired student and your "emotionally impaired" student. Interesting how we waste our gifts, sometimes, isn't it?

tommiea said...

I love that sign...

Reading everyone's back to school stuff, I start wishing to go back to work...that will last for a short 'honeymoon period' then I will start to read the complaints about parents, kids, etc!

Glad your year is off to a great start..