Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mtgs.,organize, think, shop, bake, decorate...

Yep, that was today. Meetings this morning. Lunch at school-thanks goodness for delivery!
I am always thinking of things at the very last minute and buzzing around like a chicken with its head cut off. I made my bulletin board last night. Its a cookie sheet made from aluminum foil, then I cut out choc. chip cookies from paper, etc. it says " We are a great batch of kids".
So, then I decided they needed cookies on thier desk. I left school at 5:15, went to Hobby Lobby to get stuff for their desk treat bags. Then, to Wally World to get groceries. Thanks goodness they had 1 batch of 24 cookies already made!!!! I grabbed those and bought some can frosting and got home at 7:00. Computer stuff to do, cookies to decorate, bags to make... Its 10:15. Time for bed!
Tomorrow is crunch time. Mtg 8-11, work in room until 3:30, change clothes for back to school night from 4-6! Good Golly, I am getting to old to do all of this. I do hope all these kids and parents appreciate the extra time we put in to make their childs first day awesome.
I was as Target the other day and a few parents were complaining that they had to buy so many school supplies. "Do these teachers realize how much stuff cost for our kids to go back to school", Well yes, we do, but do those parents realize how much we spend from our own money to prepare for their child to have the best possible experience???? No!!!!!! So... say an extra prayer for all the teachers this week and the month of August as we start to teach again.
Ok, Im finished preaching for the night, a I need a big fat bubble bath and my feather pillow and bed!!!
tootle loo...

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tommiea said...

how sweet....I bet your kids will think you are the best teacher ever.