Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday ponderings

I needed a pic and was too tired to go get my camera, so I dug around in the archives and found this pic of the Aspen trees in Wyoming. Hubby and I were flying in a hot air balloon. Love those trees. They make me smile!

Its still really hot here in Cville today. The kids only went outside a bit today. But having 18 kids instead of the usual 24 is such a difference! I can do so much more.
I generally cook something in the classroom, but tomorrow we are doing something easy. I had to run to Target and Hobby Lobby after school, so I grabbed some graham crackers and frosting. We will spread frosting and pour sprinkles on it. yummy! They will love it. Then we can sequence the activity.
The little girl that just sits, actually worked today. I spoke with her mom this morning and her parents took away cheerleading and all fun until she got her work done. Then I sent her to see the "principal" and to see the room where she would sit if her work was not finished. Worked wonders. Another great thing... My kids and I eat last in the building. They ran out of pizza and the kids had to wait a few minutes for it to come out of the oven. Well, all of my ramblings this week worked, because the cooks came to tell me how they waited so nicely!!!! So we had a celebration. The cook brought them roll-ups. Goes to show them that you never know who is watching you.
We are hoping for a calm weekend. After last weekend's "bridezilla." Another rehearsal tomorrow night and wedding on Sat. Hubby has to go to OKC for a mtg. on Sat then he will be home Sat night. We need to teach a Sunday School Class, then my mom and her husband will be here Sunday afternoon. I should really clean the house, but I'm sure I won't !!!!{ read this part mom, I thought about it....}
I need to do some sewing this weekend too. Some of the teachers want a chair cover for thier student of the day, so I have 3 of those to make, then the teacher and teachers aides in the special needs room need aprons. So I am making those too. They are just the little one that tie at the waist. Ill take pics later.
Off to bed, Fun Friday will be here before you know it.
tootle loo!

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