Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yes, thats all I am going to say about the wedding tonight. BRIDEZILLA! She wrote the book and the "wedding planner" that she hired was, lets see... Plannerzilla. Every rule except alcohol we have a Church regarding weddings, they broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, thats all about that.
What a busy day. We went to OKC to a meeting, and back to Tulsa by 4:00 for the Wedding from He**, oh yea, I wasnt going to say anymore,oops!

I went to see my grandma in OKC today while we were there. Bless her heart, she is just lying in her little bed and waiting to go see Jesus. She is so tired and ready to go. A couple of months ago when she was a bit more lucid she wanted to jump out her window at her retirement center. Oops, shes on the 1st floor. We told her she would probably just break a hip! She is a funny little lady. She has been sleeping in the daytime and them gets up and runs around at night. But lately she just lays there. I think this was the worst I have ever seen her. She didnt know me at first, but then she did after a few minutes. She generally cries a bit when I leave, but today she just kept mumbling and saying she was so tired. Please pray for her.

I am off to bed.

tootle loo,

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Meg said...

Thank so much...for coming by my blog and leaving me the nice comment that you did. That was very sweet of you, and I appreciate it so much!