Monday, August 6, 2007

PGA Madness

Oh, my gosh! It was SOOOOO hot at the PGA.
We got there today at 11:00. We arrived at our shuttle location and rode the nice luxury bus with a/c. They let us off and we went to check in. We got our tickets and went to find out "spot" by the 12th green. So far so good. When we arrived at our designated spot, that I thought would be a concession for drinks... it was a huge tent, not any a/c. Still we were OK. We met Karla, "our friend who we did the volunteering for". Where was our apron and hat, they asked?? What apron and hat! Yes, we were to get one at the check in. Oops, they didn't tell us. We had to walk all the way back to the shuttle bus area and get an apron and hat. So, finally we got back to the 12th green area and we had about 10 minutes before our shift started at 1:00. Lunch was provided with our volunteering. Did I want a hot dog or a hot dog? Well, I don't eat hot dogs, so I got to have a hamburger. I ate 1/2 of the burger and gave the rest to LH, because I was already too hot to eat my lunch. I donned my apron, (not the hat) and went into the tent, not warm tent, hot as he** tent. LH and I were on the cash register, not much thinking, just punch the button that says hamburger, beer, pop, chips, etc. Oh, but by the way, we are out of all sandwiches except the hamburger and hot dog! I'm on my tip toes to see the register, so I give that position to my fellow volunteer friends! In the meantime, I am beginning to become very hot, I mean very hot. So, I went to sit outside a few minutes. My head hurts, stomach hurts and every inch of my body is extremely hot. Can you hear the word heat stroke coming on? Well, I being the "rebel" took off the hot full body apron and never put it back on. That was a bit better. I also found a good spot by LH where I could put my hand in the ice water buckets to retrieve beer, water, and other liquid items. Around 5:15 ish, LH realizes that we are to stay until 6:30! Our dear friend Karla sent us home at 5:15! Got to love her, she there all week. Did I see a golfer, beats me! I did see the 12 hole, port a potty, and that's about all. We got on the bus with that lovely a/c and went to the car. LH and I had plans to go eat supper, but the heat had been more than I could handle!!!! I got home, took a bath, drank some OJ, ate a banana and woke up when Lance called at 8:45 to see how the PGA was.
Lance wondered if we saw any golfers? Beats me. He is going this week when the tournament starts. He can't wait. I guess I just don't have that gene! So lets just say this was not one of the things I would do again.

Tiger, I hope you get a good rest tonight, drink lots of water and get an early tee time. Nope, we didn't see you, perhaps you saw me, the one in the white T and khaki shorts, oh, there were hundreds dressed like that, but I was the one with a face the color of Rudolph's nose.
But, in all seriousness. Be careful is you go out to the PGA this week and stop by the tent near the 12th hole and tell them hello for me.
They have lots to eat, well at least hamburgers and hot dogs!!!!
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tommiea said...

I can't imagine being in the heat all day!