Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crafty Saturday

Today I finished some craft activities. Last year a sweet girl gave me the cutest clipboard. Her Mom made it for me. So I of course, made a couple for gifts last year. They are so easy and quick to make. These are great teacher gifts. So easy, fast and cheap!!!
Items needed:
1 wood clipboard- with the flat clip....less than $1. at Wally World
various papers - I use different scrapbook paper and have used tissue paper. Sometime I use 1/2 a sheet or tear them and stick them on.
sponge paint brush
Mod-podge matte finish
various ribbons and stuff
I put a good coat of mod-podge on the board, tear the paper then stick'em on. Cover with a layer of mod-podge. Let that dry a few minutes, over night or during nap time. Add words, phrases, pictures, whatever or just leave it (cut the stuff out of magazines or use scrapbook supplies) . Then tie on various ribbons. I usually attach some stuff to the ribbons (beads, clips, rings, trinkets)
Make the paper on the sides wide enough to wrap around to the back. Stick it down with mod-podge and put contrast or same paper on the back.
The one on the left is for my principal. She saw mine at school and wanted one. The other is for a friend.
That about it for Crafty Saturday...
Tootle loo,


tommiea said...

very cute.....I wonder what I could use a clipboard for at home??

queeniep said...

Have the kids make an easier version while you make the gooey version. Use if for notes at the back door,and grocery list. The kids can put coloring papers on it to use in the car. Oops, maybe they cant use colors in the car... its been a while since I was there.