Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I did it

So, Im feeling pretty darn good right now. tuesdayupdate taught me how to do this little activity.

Now, I dont have to do the whole thing. Oh, my gosh now I will have to teach littletownbiglife , how to do the same thing!

We are off to Harwelden tonight for a reception. Its for those that braved the hot, HOT temp at the PGA last month. After the day at school I just finished, I'm really hoping for something sweet to drink with an umbrella in it. Are you getting my idea??
Be back soon...
Aren't you just so proud!

tootle loo.


tommiea said...

yeah, glad you got the link thing figured out.

Cheers to your little fruity drink!

Little Town Big Life said...

Get ready to teach your ya ya!!! I am jealous.