Monday, September 24, 2007

Help me Mr. Wizard

Okay, Do you remember that cartoon. Tom Teriffic. If you do you must be as old as me!
Thats 49+1. Maybe in a little bit, I'll write it another way, not just yet.

Anyway this is me right now- the picture that keeps moving down my post as I type. My family would know it better as 'thunderstorms in my head'. School was a total mess. We were going somewhere all morning and they sat and stared into space all afternoon. I guess its back to reading on the floor, criss cross applesauce! Good gosh! At least that way I can get them to listen. Whats the deal with this. I guess they know I am going to be gone and they are a bit wacko? Beats me!

So I am hopping for a better tomorrow. I got a nice pedi/mani afterschool. My friend S. Riggs gave me a gift card for a pedi or mani. She is the sweetest thing! I, being a respectable MD, haha have just diagnosed her with gall bladder issues. She is off to the real Dr. tomorrow. Maybe we will both be out 2 weeks. About 5 yrs ago, I thought I had a pinched nerve in my back, nope, it was gallbladder! Saw the Dr on Mon, ultra sound on Tues., Surgeon of Wed, preop on Thurs, gall bladder out on Fri.
Those babies hurt! Good luck ...... S. Riggs, dont be going to the DR with wet hair! hahahaha

OK off to bed, too much to do tomorrow and too little time. Oh, If only I didnt have to teach the children and I could just pack and get ready. Whatever

On a more serious note pray for Copeland. She is a newborn that was born with trisomy18. You can see this precious baby at the family blog. Read about her, it really puts my whining in perspective! God Bless this family with strength and the ability to let go when He calls for her to come to Heaven.

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