Friday, September 7, 2007

remember the 'hiney' cream mixup

I ws scanning the blog world and was reading about some new butt cream for babies. No I dont know how I got there. But it reminded me of the story below and I cant stop laughing! I took my 'meds' and its time for bed, but here it goes
Ok I know my nearest and dearest friend aka "yaya's", remember this and Im sure my mom and sister do too.
A few years ago I was having issues with my netherregions- hemorriods. And, I also have some arthritis cream. Well, one afternoon I reached under the sink and grabbed what I thought was the hemorriod cream. Oops, its the same color as the arthritis cream container. So being in the hurry that I always am... I just squirted that stuff, yep you know the drill if you have children!!!
So, a few second later, my hiney is on fire! I grabbed the arthritis cream and applied it to the hemorriod area! Now you cannot rub it off, cause it just rubs in and your hiney is a ring of fire. I was dancing like a jack rabbit on crack! Good gosh, I called everyone I knew for a remedy! Nope there is not one.
Lesson learned: read before you squirt.
Off to bed, lets see what gets groomed tonight. Watch out hubby!
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