Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday's Wisdom

I just love this little pic. Those of you that know me well, know that I detest tags and itchy clothes. This issue goes way back to my childhood. I like things smooth, not crinkley,crunchy or scaley!
Anyway these ladies are wanting to know why their fashions must itch, no wonder they are not smiling. I do believe I have a pic of me not smiling too. I was 5 and had on the cutest dress, but I was pinching my arm in the pic because it itched, so I could not smile...
Im feeling better today from the oops yesterday. I am really sore and stiff, but the hematoma is not as big on my arm. My leg is still bruised and sore. I took a hot bath this morning, but I didnt get home until 9ish tonight so, not soaking bath. Hair cut and color, Kinkos, wedding meeting, Olive Garden all after school. So its about bedtime. Ill take pics of the new 'style' tomorrow. My hair that is. Its a bit darker and shorter.
Off to bed
tootle loo,

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tommiea said...

Both of mine are in the "cut-the-tag-out stage....thankfully many clothing companies are printing them directly on the shirt instead of a tag these days!

Can't wait to see the hair...