Sunday, September 16, 2007

My oops, 5 days later

5 days after the oops! Gee it still has a bump and hurts. I know whine, whine. I just thought you might like to share in the beauty.
I ran errands yesterday, it seems everywhere it went someone asked me what happened!

Sleepy Sunday... thats been the rest of the day. We met Lance at Hideway after Church and pigged out. Fried mushrooms, no one does mushrooms like this. They are yummy! Then I had a pizza of the gods! Oh my gosh. It had artichokes, garlic sauce, cheese, yummmmmm! I have enough for lunch for 2 days. So my tummy is sooooo full.

Hubby was out late last night. He went with a bunch of guys to Cookson Hills, in NE OK to put some lights on poles to light their parking lot. He left yesterday morning at 7ish and got home about 12:45 last night. So he's snoozing on the couch.

Yippee Skippy... Tulsa Univ won their game yesterday. Thats where hubby works. Ryan grad from there in 2004 and Lance will grad in December. So its blue and gold around here. My heart is still black and orange, but we spend most of our time at TU. Football, basketball, etc. So good day on the field. Next week: OU. I dont think TU will win, but you never know.

I have always had 'canker sores' and now I feel a fever blister coming on my lip! So, I am thinking that I better get to WalMart and get something. I have an upset tummy. It could be I ate too much or they are in my tummy too. This has happened before.

Off I go,

tootle loo


Kerry said...

hi there - new to your blog and I had to comment on your bruise!! I fell down the stairs a couple of years ago and ended up with a nasty bruise just like that. Did anyone ask if your husband did it to you?! Someone asked me that at work - in a meeting - in front of a rather large group! ugh. Does it still hurt?

tommiea said...

If it weren't so hot, I would be tempted to wear 3/4 sleeves! I hope it starts feeling better soon.

Shabee Chick said...

Okay, I was freaking out because I ready "Harwelden" and "Hideaway" and "PGA" and I'm thinking Is this person in TULSA???? Then I see that we're practically neighbors-I'm in OWASSO!!!!

How FUN!

Go Sooners!