Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day !

We finally made it here after about 26 hrs. of travel.. We left OKC at 9 am on Friday and arrived in Houston. We got on our Air France Flight at 4pm. As we were walking through the plane, I was all excited that they had these awesome seats with LOTS of leg room, water already on the side table,hangers, warm towels, and magazines, oh yes and a candy. Oops, keep walking, your in economy, that was business class!. Oh there we go, 3 seats on one side, 4 in the middle and 3 on the other side. Smash all of your stuff under the seat. The TV is on the seat back in front of you. But we did survive the 8 hours flight to Paris. LONG!!!
About Paris, I really had no idea we were close until we landed! It was so foggy and raining, we landed and that was the clue were we were in Paris. So no Eiffel Tower as of yet.

We were there about 30 minutes and bussed to our plane to Budapest. It was very uneventful. But I was so tired, I think I slept the entire way. We arrived in Budapest and cleared customs. Hurray, my luggage was there. Only 2 people lost there luggage. They found one of them in Paris and the other is totally lost. Now, being the good person I am, Mike and I offered to ride the Amtrack type train back to Paris and retrieve the luggage. Nope, they will send it to Budapest. After getting all of the luggage that came with our plane, we got on the bus... a small nice bus and started to Ukraine. Now, the driver (they looked like retired KGB) must have been paid by the hour, because we were the only ones going less than 50 mph. We stopped for a meal, not sure which meal it was, but it was 5pm here. We ate at a Buffalo Blill place. How ironic. Anywho, I had Hungarian Goulash. Its bean soups to those in USA. It was good, but lots of spices.
We went through the Hungary border into Solovokia. We were in that Country for about an 1 1/2 hours. We stopped at a Wal Mart-ish type store to get the 2 people without luggage some essentials. Back onto the bus and to the Border. We crossed from Solovokia to Ukraine. Each border crossing took about 30-45 minutes!!! The Nehemia Center is about 3-5 miles from the Solovokia Border, The entire bus trip was about 7 hours!!!!!!!

We arrived at 12pm. Which was about 4 am USA time. Hot sweaty and ready for a hot shower. We all got settled. Mike carried most of our luggage up the 4 flights of stairs to our room! Its nice. We even have a bathroom with a shower. Its very clean and modern by the standards here. Compares to about a Motel 6

Today is a day of "rest". We will go to Church tonight. I am speaking! Didnt really know that, but hey what the heck. I guess we are to share how God speak to us. Well, if you know me, everyday is different! haha, thunderstorms and all!We also went for a walk to a small part of town. Its now about 1:30 pm. I have a Bible School Mtg, then we are off to Church. The country side is beautiful. They have lots of farm land and vineyards. The vineyard are just beautiful growing up the hills! They grow a lot of wheat. They wheat is not bailed, but in old haystacks. The cars are all very small and gas is about 37.00 whatever they call their money per liter. The weather is cool, but I am wearing a tshirt and yoga type pants and Im very comfortable. English is spoken by a very few. Budapest was really pretty as we were driving through. There are still alot of the Russian Housing Apts around Budapest. Also lots of factories. We will be in Budapest next Mon and Tues, before we fly home on Wed. Oh, not pics just yet. I left my camera on the bus. I think. I cant find it as of now!!!!! Yukky. The minister here that rented the bus for us yesterday, will call them in the morning. If not I will buy a new one here.

Thats about it for now.

I will post more tomorrow.

PS to my class: I know you are all being the sweet wonderful kiddos that I know you can be.
to my sister, more email to you later
to my boys, Momma misses you, have a good week., Stay strong

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tommiea said...

Glad you arrived safely....hope you find your camera.