Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oops, that hurt!

It started pretty good at school today until lunch.
I had duty and went back out the door to go get a CD for the lunchroom. As long as they are quiet, they can listen to tunes. Well, there is a stop sign that sit on a silver dowel rod on a X bar thing. Its about 3 ft. tall. Painted the same color as the wall and floor.Its right in front of the desk where the kids put their tickets. Its not hard to see if the stop sign is on it... today it wasn't. I ran into it and landed on the floor. I push myself away from the wall as I was falling and landed on my buns. So far so good. Nothing bleeding, nothing broken, oops.. I wet my pant! Yep, right there in the cafeteria! So, I was sent to the office to assess the bumps and bruises! By the time I got there a bump was coming up on my arm. So, off the the administration building... next to the workers comp Clinic, gee. I have a bruise on my leg with a hematoma, a bruise on my arm with a hematoma, and sore muscles, from head to toe!!!

I was actually feeling better yesterday and today from the fibromyalgia! Well, crap! The Doctor I saw at the Clinic told me to double up on my Ultram tomorrow at school. Good thing I have an aide in my room. No really, I will be fine, just sore. Its a long way down to the 'ole ' floor at
49 + 1.

On a better note, tomorrow is haircut day. I would love to go short short. But I am a chicken!! I also think I want it to be a bit more brown with gold highlights. Hmmm, guess you will have to just wait and see. My hairstyist would love to cut it short too. But right not I can slap a headband on and go. So, I thinking that might be better for the trip??? Men never have these decisions. My hubby just buzzes his a goes!

Got to go, we are eating dinner with my brother in law and mother in law in Owasso. Hubby will meet me there.
tootle loo,

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tommiea said...

Yikes! I hope you start feeling better and aren't too sore.