Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Night on the town with the YAYA's

Will most of us were able to go. One of our dear Yaya's Dad passed away this morning. So she went to Waukomis - south of Enid. Bless her and her family! Our prayers are with ya Barbs. xoxoxo

So we went to eat and talk and eat and eat. I was going to only eat dessert. NOPE, I had a mushroom pizza and a "striped zebra cosmo" and we split a chocolate creamy dessert thingy! yummy.

THEN,I saw this T-shirts that has the store logo. No, its not a weird place, its a very up-scale eating establishment in Tulsa...downtown. So I bought a t-shirt $12.00. I could not pass it by. I cant WAIT for Halloween. Or can I wear it now???? It has the name of the restaurant on the back. Lola's at the Bowery. Tulsa.... SOOOOOOOOOO cute. Isn't that hat the cutest. Well, I just had to show it off. AND I was going to be so good and not spend $$$$$. oh well.

Today was a great day. I went to the DR. to have a meds checkup. All my fibromyalgia med were changed last month. Anyway, I was concerned about the letter I got in the mail that said my tryglecerides were really high and my cholestrol was high. But, alas I was not fasting and my doc said, I am good to go!! hip hip hoorah. I don't eat much red meat, and I eat mainly fruits and veggies. I could be a vegetarian. I have lost 7 lbs. yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My meds have left me a bit 'sluggish', if you know what I mean. My family will catch right on to that, as its always an issue when I travel. But, my doc told me to keep taking my 'colon cleanse' and I will be just fine now and on the trip to Ukraine. Speaking of that trip. I dont think there is anyway to upgrade to business class!!!! So, too bad for me.

My best friend FINALLY came up with her own little blog SOOOOOOOOOO cut, scoot on over and say hi. Its on my blogs I like-- at 'littletownbiglife', she is a hoot.

Bedtime is scootin right on up, off I go

tootle, loo

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tommiea said...

sounds like a a great group of friends...