Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all

I just love Fall.
Halloween is so fun. Its the best holiday because you can be silly and have fun! You don't need to spend a lot of $$$'s. You can decorate, cook, eat, and enjoy the cool mornings with a big o cup of tea or coffee. Days are crisp and nights are for cuddles! What a great time.
I am so glad God decided to have seasons. Wouldn't it be boring if it stayed the same all the time?
We actually leave in 4 days!!!! Yikes, I still have so much stuff to do. I went to school this afternoon after Church and of course lunch (Applebee's), After messing with the copier for an hour, I got things copied, installed a new printer for my desk computer, started my lesson plans for 10 days. Then it was time to go back to Church. The Missions Committee was having a Friendship Fair for "Circle of Care". Its a Methodist mission of type that cares for so many areas. The Gore Home for Boys, the Francis Willard, Circle of Care Ministries, etc. So they had a silent auction. Just love those. I get to signin up for all these things and then fret about how much I have actually spent. Not too bad, just shy of $100. But, we got good stuff. Hubby got coupons to Subway, a fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide something. I got some homemade jelly, some fall towels, and a few other things. We had a great time!

So, I forgot where I found this, but my family will just love this
pic. Its so me. Sometimes I can be so good and follow all the rules and them other times, I can be so ornery!!!!!!! Just ask the family?? Go ahead, ask.
Oh, my bestest friend from college-OSU- called and we had the best visit. She lives in McKinney Tx. We can go for months and then talk like it was yesterday. She has survived breast cancer, then it came back to her spine and lung. Now that ole beast is gone again. She didnt have much of a chance of living through the last round, but Gods not finished with her yet, she is the strongest person. Just love that Tracy! If you are in McKinney give a honk along S. 75. She'll know who you are. We go way back at OSU. Everytime we are together one of the boys,(she has 2 also) tries to find out just one of those secrets that we will take to our grave.
So, tomorrow:
finish getting school ready, get nails done, wash the rest of the clothes, start packing stuff, assess the last minutes runs to Target, pack the backpack, get $$$$$$$. Oh, I almost forgot, I have to teach 2nd grade a day too.
Yea, I already call the 'fraud' line for the Credit Card. I sure want to make sure that baby is up and crankin , ready for me to swipe. Just in case we have a bit of trouble making that flight from Paris to Budapest and have an extra 4 hours to run to the Eiffel Tower for a pic....
Enough about that, this IS a mission trip, not a Paris trip, BUT, just in case... I'll be ready!!!!!!!!
Ok, back to the list. Get the VBS stuff finalized and packed, weigh the duffel's of stuff to leave there, and last pack my clothes. Yes I pack hubby's too. How many of you all pack for you hubby too.
OK, it late, Im gettin tired and the alarm will be ringing soon! I have a new student coming in the morning. So, I need to be there early to greet and get his stuff ready.
If you live in any area that is somewhat cool in the a.m., have a cup of tea for me. Its still so hot here in Okla. I think I hear raindrops???
tootle loo,

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tommiea said...

i love fall as well....I keep telling husband that out next move must be a place with SEASONS.