Thursday, September 6, 2007

The cutest couple...

The last time I saw my son with hair this short, was at his induction to West Point! Yikes. I guess he got hot! He's got a hairline like his Dad. Which is very receding. They are just the cutest little couple. Won't those grandchildren be adorable? Well, no there are NOT any on the way, but I'm just speculating.
If the grand dogs are any indication, the children will be beautiful little babies. Now mom ( aka: Grandma Dixie), read this two times there are NOT any babies on the way, its only speculation!!!
OK, now on a more serious note. My friend Pam's (littletownbiglife) son -in -law, has been out of the Marines for a couple of years. He and his wife have a beautiful little boy almost 2. They just sold their house to move into another one on a ranch. He got "the papers" in the mail. Yep, he's being called up by Uncle Sam. 18 month deployment to Iraq. I just didn't realize that you could go back, once you have been out of the military. But they have 3 years and his time was almost up. He had just started back to school at TU, for a degree in Nursing. I think he would like to go onto a Physician Assistant. Anyway keep them in your prayers.
Keep all those in the military in your prayers. Hubby's brother is retired Col. in the USAF.
Ryan went to West Point and then decided that was not the life he wanted to live for 4 years. At the time I didn't understand too well why he worked so hard to get there, then hated it the minute he got there. But, it took more guts to walk away and say "no thanks", than to stay and hate it. I am so proud of him. He is just a great man. He is very intelligent, thoughtful, loving son and now a husband to Katy. Hubby and I will forever be so glad and grateful that he chose to walk away. He would have been in Iraq doing something in the intelligence area. I pray daily thanking God for him to be able to make that choice in his life at 17 yrs old. He's my boy! He will always be my precious baby! Even at 25.
We have been so blessed with our children. They are very responsible young men. Both graduated for Tulsa U, well ,Lance is graduating Dec. 15!!!!!!!!!!! They have never been a problem. Other that those thing they did I don't want to know about. hahaha I hear people speak of their children, and tell of the disrespect and irresponsibility of their kids. Our have never been that way! I'm could not be any prouder. I hope they know how much we love and respect them as grown men. OK I'm about to cry now. Love em both sooooo much.
Bless their little hearts, they are probably already trying to decide what to do with all the 'life insurance' they could inherit if we crap out in Ukraine. hahaha Got to love those boys!!!!!
Ok better get on with it.
School was awful today. My kids saw the 'miserable' side of me today. They knew the procedure for BEAR testing... thanks Dubya! Anywho, they got up during the test, talked out, got stuff out of their desk. I was so fuming!!!! They had to write the testing procedures 5 time in class. Their little finger were soooooo tired! Too bad. So sad! Hopefully since we are finished with testing things will get back to 'normal' next week. I have great moms that area coming to help me with Ukraine day. I found recipes, and have the day planned out. I will email them each day and they will track my trip on the world map. I think they will have a great time too. They wanted me to take 'Flat Stanley', but we decided on a 'Cardinal'. That's the school mascot and I have a beanie baby size that will fit in my backpack. I cant blog the info because the school's website had blocked blogs. oh well.
Off to bed, I have a bit of reading to do. I should exercise tonight. We stopped at Freckles Frozen Custard tonight. But, I had a small one.
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